Sunday, 9 January 2011

I made it

Oh my god I am so relieved, literally everything that could have gone wrong did!

Too much stuff, so I wore most of it on plane, and had to give up my newly purchased shampoo to the check in girl. They wanted to charge me 10 pounds for every Kilo. However we managed to away with 5kilo extra and no charge...

Then my lovely travel partener, my employers mother took aaaaaages shopping when we were already late.

Then me in my tired,hungover and stressed state lead us the wrong gate, seriously!!!

We eventually were those people you hear being annouced over the tannoy,the last two to load onto the bus to the plane.

Anyway I made it, it's goreous, my mission is to make the small child not hate me now

Sian x

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  1. I hope that my journey next week is less stressful next week!!! How is the snow?